Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just because

Hayduke likes to snuggle under the covers when he's cold. Garfunkel does too but only if I'm in the bed or if he sees Hayduke under there. Garf also likes to strike a pose every now and then. Pet Pride


  1. Wonderfull foto, i am unhappy to see this cats, my cat go away,two week ago at 10 year old, it difficult and it will no forget, it will be always in my heart, congratulations wonderfull capture fotos.Hello lovely blog greeting from Belgium, Louisette+2 golden retriever,

  2. Aww, they are so cute, as always!

    MacKayla the Empress would love to have them come visit this week -- she finally has a post that is about her :-)


  3. Oh by all means. Rooting around under the covers is great fun. >^..^< Sinbad

  4. Sweet pics of your furry family!

  5. Snuggling under the covers is a good idea! My cats like to do that too. Your cats are both cute!

    Stopping by from Pet Pride. Here's a link to my post if you get a chance to come by:

  6. Hey !
    Siete dolcissimi :))
    Buona domenica :)

  7. Looking good, guys! Glad you can find warm places for a nap!! It's been really hard to find a warm place here to do anything!!! Sure be glad when spring comes -- or at least that's what we hear Mom whining all day!!!

    Sam and Mojo