Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall-time!

These guys get to hang out on the porch if I've got a close eye on 'em. Well, Hayduke is only allowed out there leashed or in a lap. Garfunkel knows what's up and just rolls around in the sun. Look how ridiculously happy they are in the sun. Garfunkel started attacking leaves and Hayduke is just overstimulated. I took Garf to the vet yesterday because he has lost a bit of weight recently. Turns out he's got hyperthyroidism. This sucks but not nearly as bad as the other options were. Treatable and he's starting his meds today. The vet said other than that, his blood results showed he was perfectly healthy, especially for an almost 20 year old cat :) Love my catboys. Camera Critters

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Road Trippers

 The catboys are back!  Still snuggle masters and still good roadtrippers. Nashville to Wisconsin and they crashed right away :)